Copenhagen Calling

We are pleased to introduce Copenhagen Calling to you. Our very first event, curated by Camels & Lions. On Saturday 5th July 2014, three fabulous bands from Copenhagen will play in the inneryard of Altona's city hall in Hamburg, Germany. 

Ice Cream Cathedral
The three-piece outfit is one of the most exciting exports of Denmark. After the single The Swans, they announced their new album Sudden Anatomy, coming in autumn. The video to The Swans got premiered in Germany by Noisey - Music by Vice.

Ice Cream Cathedral on facebook

The Migrant
The Migrant is the folk pop band around Bjarke Bendtsen, which is often described as a mixture of Fleet Foxes, Bonnie ”Prince” Billy and George Harrison. His new album The Flood is ready soon. 

The Migrant on facebook

The New Spring
Singer/Songrwiter Bastian Kallesøe just unveiled his new beautiful song The Hours Of The Day from his forthcoming album Late Bloomer in September 2014. His new single catched the attention of international musicblogs like Good Because Danish and The Line Of Best Fit.

The New Spring on facebook

Listen to the playlist below we made for Copenhagen Calling and check out our site for more information.

If you are in Hamburg 5th July 2014, don't miss Copenhagen Calling.

Introducing: novellus.


There is nothing to say, because there are no informations about this new artist. We think novellus. is a really interesting artist. 38 followers on his soundcloud account right now, no other profiles at the moment. Definitely a must-hear fo fans of Jai Paul or Ben Khan.

Pretty sure he will reach very soon some bigger music blogs and magazines.

Listen to the untitled EP from novellus. below.

C’mon Tigre - Federation Tunisienne de Football


Polyrhythm, Western drumming style, dusty jazz. These are elements from the new band C’mon Tigre. The core of C’mon Tigre is unknown, they play with different musicians, the collective lists around 12 musicians.
Animated and painted by Italian artist Gianluigi Toccafondo, the fantastic video is made with 5000 hand-painted frames.
When Unknown Mortal Orchestra meets Gonjasufi, it sounds like C'mon Tigre.

C’mon Tigre on facebook