Tell us: #3 Poule d'Or


Looking back and forward. Camels & Lions asked our favourite bloggers from around the world to tell us about their five favourite songs of 2013, and which bands to watch out for in 2014.

#3: Poule d'Or from Hamburg

Number 3: Hendrik from Poule d'Or, the golden musicblog. Poule d'Or is an independent music blog and home of the Poule d'Or Compilation series covering new and good music since 2010. With a keen eye for rising but somewhat overlooked artists and a conversational writing style, Poule d'Or is the Sal Paradise of music blogs.

Five of the favourite songs in 2013, chosen by Hendrik from Poule d'Or:

1. Kirrin Island - I Love This feat. A Thousand Vows

2. Breton - Envy

3. Hibou - Sunder

4. Duck House - Run

5. Duellum - The ISLD