Reeperbahn Festival 2013-2


Camels & Lions watched some of the best talents and newcomers at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.  The Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s largest club festival presents more than 400 wide-ranging events in over 70 venues on 4 days.

We had the choice between more than 300 upcoming bands, and these we choosed, part 2:

Reeperbahn Festival Day 2 and 3:  
Antimatter People from London we introduced at Camels & Lions and We looked forward to see them at Kaiserkeller.  

Check out Antimatter People: 


The smallest stage we ever saw was at Jazz Cafe.
We waited some time for Josef Salvat. The bassplayer made the stage bigger, he stood at his case. We learned some crazy dance-moves from Josef. The few people who could fit in this place were really happy for the show. Next time he definitely deserves a bigger stage.

Check out Josef Salvat:


Very special concerts we saw in the church of St. Pauli. Sivu was playing a fantastic Solo-show. He don't need a band, just his guitar and the magic happened. Very special surroundings, very special concert from the very sympathic Sivu.
A bit later at the same place played the enjoyable Frida Hyvönen from Sweden. Good music, good humour, very entertaining and amusing.

Check out Sivu:

Check out Friday Hyvönen:


 One of the last highlights of Reeperbahn Festival was the concert from Douglas Dare. Douglas Dare is the new signing from Erased Tapes Records. The concert took place in the Schoolmuseum Hamburg. Just a piano and him. No Microphones or other technic. A very intimate concert we will keep in mind.

Check out Douglas Dare:


Thanks to Reeperbahn Festival for these days and these concerts!

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