Camels & Lions - Compilation 1


We are very proud to offer you the first Camels & Lions compilation. Thanks to these great artists who make it possible. You'll find 15 selected songs from exciting bands and musicians, all kind of genres. The artwork is made by us, the photo is taken from my bro.

Download the compilation for free here:


// Tracklisting //

Foreign/National - Paris
Foreign/National is the 5-piece outfit from Melbourne, who play nostalgic pop with a fuzzy and blurry charm in their instrumentation and melodies. 

Yumi And The Weather - Love 
Yumi And The Weather is an exciting newcomer from Brighton. Check out her debut EP All I Can and grab her latest fresh song LOVE right here.

Yellerkin - Solar Laws
Yellerkin is the duo Adrian and Luca from New York. We love their debut EP. Such a great newcomer with breezy folk-pop. 

Goofy Foot - Sharks Keep On Eating
Goofy Foot is Spencer Jarrad from San Diego. His music is a wild mix of indie-pop, blues and hip-hop influences. 

WANR - Cobra
WANR is the duo Mitchell Winters and Bryce Miller from Oregon. They bring us this fresh and lovely dreampop songs. Currently they work on new songs you should watch out for.

Blooms - If I
If I is the second single from UK-based singer BloomsBlooms is Louise Cunnane, originally from Ireland. Her songs are lovely and beautiful pop. Keep an eye on Blooms!

Freeweights - Your Design
Freeweights from Helsinki. Their songs are inspired by 80s pop and chillwave. Your Design is the second song.

BLVTH - Monologve part 1
If you like James Blake and SOHN, you should take the chance right now and listen to this pretty and wonderful thing from Germany.

H A A R T E B E E S T - Death
H a a r t e b e e s t  is great and fresh indie-pop. The duo from Guernsey just unveiled their second song Drums. Death is their debut song.

NAVVI - Black Coast
NAVVI is the duo Kristin Henry and Brad Boettger from Seattle. NAVVI stands for fantastic dark electro-pop. 

P A T H - Drip
P A T H is really great electronic music. His first drop Drip is a cinematic, energetic bass bomb. You can find more tracks and remixes on his Soundcloud.

PSSNGR - Clockwork Cosmos
His debut EP Breathe is out via Tape Club Records. PSSΠGR is a 26 years old electronic music artist you should keep an eye on. 

Retro Culture - Weekend
Retro Culture is Matt Connelly from Melbourne. He combines electronic music elements with dizzy pop-rock. Weekend is his latest output.

Flamingosis - Extra Lovely
Flamingosis aka Aaron Velasquez is a New Jersey based artist who makes "sample-based musical compositions from the inner depths of his mind.” 

Goldie Chorus - Monster
Goldie Chorus from Copenhagen is working on new songs. Monster was his debut song and still sooooo good. 

Download the compilation for free here: